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Personalized time together.

1:1 Ayurveda Sessions: 

1:1 Vedic Counseling

1:1 Bodywork Sessions

1:1 Business Mentorship


Clinical Ayurveda Consultations

Interested in what āyurveda can do for you? An āyurvedic consultation uses pulse reading, questionnaire, visual observation and verbal interview to assess an individuals prakṛti (original constitution) vs. vikṛti (current state of being). Based on the results, methods using herbs, oils, diet, yoga, meditation, mantra, breath work and bodywork treatments are recommended to bring an individuals doshic nature back into balance, resulting in harmony, happiness and health. An individual plan is created for each client to address current life stressors and areas of concern. Āyurvedic clinical consultations consist of 3 parts.

Trividhā Parīkshā: The Three Categories of Clinical Examination:

  1. Darshanam (Observation) - to assess overall general doshic qualities, additional focus on the patients face, eyes, tongue, nails and speech

  2. Sparshanam (Palpation, Touch) - includes readings of the pulse and additional palpation as needed

  3. Prashnanam (Questionnaire) - includes a full health history intake

If you are looking to incorporate āyurvedic principles into your lifestyle to promote health and wellness, start by scheduling an āyurvedic consultation. Begin the journey towards finding daily balance.

Image by Chris Jarvis
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