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PanchaKarma ReTREAT

Detoxify, Cleanse and TREAT Yourself.

  • 1 h
  • Price varies
  • B101

Service Description

Panchakarma is the āyurvedic fivefold detoxification + purification treatment program. In Sanskrit "panca" means five and "karma" means action. Individualized panchakarma plans can be developed to support any budget. You can choose to have all therapies performed by a panchakarma therapist for a more spa-like experience, or be guided through self-administered home treatments. Or you may wish to create a combination of home and professional therapies to meet your budgetary needs. First time patients must schedule an initial appointment to receive a proper panchakarma planning session. For returning patients, panchakarma plans can be developed in a regular follow up appointment.​ Panchakarma consists of three phases: ● Purvakarma —preparatory actions ● Pradhanakarma —main actions ● Paschatkarma —post-treatment procedures The actions of Panchakarma include: ● Vaman (emesis) ● Virechan (purgation) ● Basti/Vasti (enema) ● Nasya (nasal treatment) ● In the school of Sushrut the fifth action is raktamoksha (bloodletting). In the school of Charak, some consider netravasti (eye treatment) as the fifth action, while others distinguish two types of vasti, oil and decoction as two separate actions, bringing the total to five. Benefits of Panchakarma: 1. Balam Indriyanam: Gives strength to all the sense organs. 2. Dhathu Sthirtvam: That which nourishes and supports the body. 3. Jvalansya Dīptam: Stimulates and promotes proper functioning of digestive fire. 4. Rogaharam: Prevents and cures disease. 5. Bala: Increases stamina. 6. Varna Prasadhanam: Gives colour and complexion to the body. 7. Ayushya Yujitha Chirath: Increases the life span. ​Panchakarma is tailored to the individual patient. Panchakarma therapies are only administered by a Panchakarma Therapist. HibisKISS Āyurveda promotes dosha specific diet and foods to allow the body to absorb the most amount of nutrients.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation / Illness / Tardiness Cancellations and rescheduling requests given with more than 24 hours advanced notice result in no monetary penalty. Cancellations and rescheduling requests given with less than 24 hours advanced notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount. "NO SHOWS" will result in a charge of 100% of the reserved service amount. If you are late to a session your session will be shortened, resulting in less time with the practitioner, and less hands-on time for massage and body-work sessions. If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, your session may be cancelled. Please call (if you can) if you are going to be late. While truly sympathetic, we cannot absorb the financial responsibility of last minute cancellations. The cancellation policy also allows us the time to inform our standby guests of any availability, thus better serving the community.

Contact Details

  • 2345 7th Street, Denver, CO, USA


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