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Banyan Botanicals was founded in 1996, based on the dream of creating a company that would provide the best in Ayurvedic herbs and products. Banyan's mission is to provide you with the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and products possible. The company believes a high quality product is one that is pure, effective and produced in an environmentally-friendly, ethical manner. To fulfill this mission Banyan Botanicals is committed to offering USDA Certified Organic herbs whenever possible, practicing Sustainable Sourcing methods and utilizing only Fairly Traded herbal ingredients.


As an affiliate of Banyan Botanicals, when customers use my affiliate link it supports me and my business. The price of products is the same for affiliate customers, Banyan website customers, and Amazon customers.

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This gorgeous little oil will give you the glowiest skin you've ever had, reduce sun damage, and stimulate collagen synthesis. Oh yeah, and it smells like heaven. Made with 5 ingredients: a triple extract of Rose and a synergistic combination of Vitamins C + E. That's itttt.

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Training in conscious postpartum care inspired by ayurvedic principles

Study online or in person.

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Organic India offers the world’s first Fairtrade certified supplements. Organic India processes herbs in compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) manufacturing and testing protocols, carefully testing at every step to ensure product safety and purity.

Every herb, plant, and fruit in Organic India products is grown or harvested using organic, bio-regenerative methods and sustainable wild-crafting practices. Organic India's tea infusions and whole herb supplements are rooted in Ayurveda, the ancient health system of India.

True Wellness extends to every aspect of Organic India’s products, company, and sourcing — embracing sustainable, regenerative agriculture, fair trade, environmental recovery, and beneficial, inclusive social change.

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Cultivated with intention. Consumed with love.

Cacao is a Doorway to Transformation.

When consumed in sufficient quantity and in the right setting, cacao is a powerful catalyst for all types of inner work. In a cacao ceremony, we work with this plant medicine to support our healing & growth. When approached this way, cacao will offer opportunities to cultivate greater self-love, awareness and expansion of our consciousness.
Cacao pairs beautifully with many other practices, including meditation, yoga, dance, community circle's and shamanic journeying, among others.


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