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Know yourself better. Become a Self-healer.

The Āyurveda Collective

Is a deep dive into Vedic Philosophy and practices.

By joining the āyurveda collective you will gain access to my newsletter full of āyurveda secrets, as well as library of "How-To" videos guided through the lense of āyurveda.

Topics include:

How To Design Your Ideal Day
How To Love on Your Body
How To Balance Bad
How To Be Your Own Herbalist 
How To Understand Energetic Anatomy
How To Meditate

...and much more!

VIP Access is available for individuals who want 1:1 Individualized Sessions.


We are all divine beings.

Since the beginning of time, humans have attained direct knowledge of the divine reality through steady meditation and intimate observation of nature.

The Vedic tradition is a living archive of tools and techniques that you can use to enhance your capacity to experience the natural magic that is woven into the fabric of reality.

The Āyurveda Collective provides the guidance necessary to navigate the tumult of modern life while maintaining a state of harmony, peace and joy.

How's your balance?
Are you in harmony?

The biological term for balance is homeostasis — the state of dynamic equilibrium maintained by healthy living systems. 

This is the condition of optimal functioning for any organism, and it's like walking a high-wire where imbalances can have dire consequences.

The changing seasons, inconsistent self-care and conflict with others are all potentially destabilizing forces for the mind and body. 

Āyurveda is a timeless system of universal pattern recognition that recognizes the sources of imbalance and provides personalized guidance for how to maintain your unique equilibrium.

The Āyurveda Collective is your opportunity to become your own doctor and learn to heal yourself and your family using food, herbs and simple daily habits.

True wisdom comes with time and integration.

As Alakananda Ma is famous for saying, healing and evolution happen "Slowly, slowly. Gently, gently."

In Conclusion...


If you have read this far, I am beyond excited to connect with you!​

Self-exploration can be scary, exciting, challenging but ohhhhhhh sooooooooo ✨MAGICAL✨


Humans are designed for connection and community. This is where we thrive, transform and metamorphosis into the pure essence of love. 


This is the driving force behind Multi Dimensional Āyurveda.

If you have questions, comments, confusion or enthusiasm you would like to share, lets talk! Please put yourself on my calendar by clicking the button below.

Thanks! I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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